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Piercing is a common thing today, but the same as tattoo, piercing trends to transcend all logical barriers. More and more often it becomes the way of extreme self-actualization. And this staff that you see jut out of people’s skin are really marginal body modifications. After piercing became acceptable in our society, pierced belly buttons, nipples, ears, lips, eyebrows don’t marvel us at all. But the man with a screwdriver in his nose and people with pierced fingers, eyelids, tonsils, forehead or the hand with massive metal claws are something that blow our minds totally.

The only thing that looks at least a little bit utilitarian is body corset. This is the first example that shows that piercing pieces can be used somehow. As the human body has enough space for piercing experiments, it’s unlikely that piercing addiction is going to calm down in the nearest future. So it’s not the end of our shock. Someday you will see a needle jutting out of someone’s eye bulb, and it will be considered beautiful.

1. Ring Piercing

2. Double Conch Piercing

3. Tongue Piercing
Tongue Piercing

4. Lip Ring Piercing

5. Forehead Rivets
For Real

6. Back Piercing

7. Tongue and Lip Ring Piercing

8. Neck Piercing

9. Septum Piercing

10. Tragus Piercings

11. Double Tongue Piercing

12. Belly Piercing

13. Earlobe Strech Peircing

14. Eyebrow Piercing

15. Surface Collar Bone Piercing

16. Amazing Face Piercing

17. Dermal Piercing

Vintage ads however weird they would look reflect the spirit of those days. The society was different, the roles were defined by men, and some values we got used to nowadays were on embryonic stage those days.

The low level of science gave rise to some insane recommendations. For example, look at the Cola ad. “Do your child a favour,” this ad says, “start giving your baby cola as soon as possible.” Now it sounds stupid and even “criminal.” Modern science proved cola is nothing but a junk for your body. But those days Cola was given to babies to promote active lifestyle, boost personality, and give the baby essential sugars. Maybe Cola was different those days or maybe babies were so rust-resistant, but vintage ads used very doubtful manipulative techniques.

The poor “face” choice was also a weak point of vintage ads. Santa who pushes the cigarettes Lucky Strike or doctor who promotes Camel violated the adequate ad rules. If I ever met such Santa with a cigarette in his mouth I would boot him out of my house. This ad just ruins children’s faith in Santa and in everything good. The same as doctor who pushes cigarettes ruins our notion about medicine that heals.

It looks like children’s souls, dreams and values didn’t interest the pitchmen of those days very much. The ad that promotes children cosmetic provokes contradictory feelings. In my opinion, to apply the conception of sexuality to children is viciously. And a child cuddling a teddy bear looks creepy in the image of “innocent” temptress.

Another weak point of vintage ads is sexism. Except they promoted that men are better than women, they also depicted women like housewives whose only occupation was to cook, to clean the house and serve beer for their fulfilled husbands.

1. Smoking Santa
smoking santa

2.Whitening Soap
pears-racist-advertising1 - Copy

3. Marlboro Ad
marlboro-3 - Copy

4. Sensual Ad
cosmetics - Copy

5. Drink At An Early Age

6. The Cook
chef - Copy

7. Doctor’s Recommended Cigarette
camel - Copy

8. She married into two men.
Buweisser-1 - Copy

9. why we have the youngest consumer?
7-up - Copy

Innocent kids… They don’t understand why adults laugh at their drawings. Either we are so spoiled, or our kids are poorly educated, but these photos are hilarious and sad in the same time. Kid’s misspellings can be exhilarating and mind-blowing like “My dad is the best cock ever” or “I love Satan.” But sometimes they spell words correctly (unfortunately). Mr. Karen would be surprised everybody knows that he fell off his d**k. The boy who confessed that he “can P” might grow up into a very honest man. He even illustrated how he does it.

And what is sad in these pictures is that kids look at their parents’ example and sincerely suppose that “B is for beer” and striptease performer is the best occupation ever. They listen carefully what adults say, and you may be surprised to discover some shameful things being revealed by your child. Think of the appropriate example!

1. I want to be like Mommy.

2. Nice Christmas Card
Christmas Card

3. Kids love Satan or Santa?

4. My Teacher

5. My Dog

6. I’m Sorry

7. Thank You

8. I Can

9. Dad Is The Best

Future technologies excite us and scare in the same time. They open the door into the new world with totally different values. And they may change our lives irreversibly. The question is: how far can we go while pursuing our comforts?

Food technologies are something that scares me the most. When it comes to meat, I’m a wild traditionalist. I just can’t imagine eating something that doesn’t belong to nature. Lab grown meat is a reality we might face sooner than we expect. This technology is being developed and enhanced now, and scientists have already obtained tremendous results in growing beef and eggs. Edible wrappers are also something that runs my food notions, but at least this technology would allow decreasing the use of paper (and deforestation) and the amounts of litter dramatically. So if you are a fast-food addict, be prepared to become an experimental eater. Because the fast-food might be the first niche these technologies might be applied.

Some future technologies are for really lazy people. Some day in the future you will be able to control your computer without a mouse. Everything you need for it is your head and your BCI Machine. But the idea of wearing this awful hat disturbs me. And moreover, we don’t know for sure if computer viruses wouldn’t affect our brains. As for me, I don’t want something to be attached to my brain, because I understand that this technology is the last step before total control. I like to have my private zone.

X-Ray Vision Apps is a future technology that is going to allow other people to burst into your private life and watch objects that are usually hidden. It sounds funny for a moment, but this technology ruins the basic notions of human relationships. Such innovations can be appropriate only in absolutely different society I wouldn’t like to live in.

1. Research on anti-aging.
Research on Anti aging

2. Lab Grown Meat.
Lab Grown Meat

3. Phone X-Ray Application

4. Winged Roller Coaster
Winged Roller Coaster

5.Edible wrapper
edible wrapper

6. Tube Train
Tube Train

7. BCI Machine
BCI Machines

8. Cybebug Drones
Cyberbug Drones

9. Synthetic-Alcohol
Synthetic Alcohol

1. Perfectly Timed Shot of a Surfer Girl

Photographers’ most honourable task is to capture the moment which is unique and inimitable in its beauty. Most such perfect moments happen unexpectedly and by chance. That’s why photographers who merge into their cameras win. And the photographers who have cool cameras win twice!

Experienced photographers notice much more things than we do. They study the surroundings with their sharp eyes, and this awareness makes them able to predict the scene before it happens. Simple posing makes images look boring, that’s why photographers try to be invisible with their cameras to catch the moment of truth. True feelings, natural movements, and sincere motives.

Animals just can’t pose and pretend like people can, that’s why they are perfect models. The baby elephant who fells on his back is so cute. He probably didn’t understand himself how it could happen. You may blame the bird that spoiled a perfect “Titanic” scene, but, in my opinion, it just prevented people from trite rerun of famous scene. Now the photo looks much better.

When a snake is going to swallow the frog, the latter is far from giving up. Despite his eyes are petrified because of fear of death, his tiny legs appear to be strong enough to grasp the snake’s body. We hope he won this final battle. The photographer who captured the moment when life is fighting with death must have been overwhelmed himself. The nature told him the secret how to fight and win.

The picture of car that escapes from the nature wrath is absolutely mind-blowing. Maybe the photographer was sitting on the back seat of another vehicle that was trying to escape, and he had nothing to do but fixing the inevitable moment. Or maybe the cameraman wasn’t in hurry and decided to meet with the danger face to face…


Kids are bounds of joy and cleaning. A lot of cleaning. But as a mom of two rowdies, I have to say that most of such situations happen through parents’ fault. Children just use what they can have in their hands. If you guess to hide it, you save your strength and time. If you missed it, don’t blame kids… Partially parenting is an art of hiding risky objects and training your kids not to touch them if you can’t hide them.

If you can establish your own rules at home, sometimes you fail dealing with your kids in public places when they decide to neglect what you tell them. I always pity a parent whose kids start managing in the store and replacing things or simply dropping them on the floor. The parent blows up eventually, and I think, “Do I look the same furious while coping with my two?”

I have to admit that I’m a trained mom. My elder son has already broken our camera, DVD on my notebook, and spoiled a number of cheep earphones (I buy only cheep ones after I found the first ones broken). Recently I found a tuft of my beloved one’s hair after he had secretly cut it from his fringe. But I decided not to trim his hair after his experiment. I liked his haircut and besides, now his look corresponds who he is.

After four years of parenting I learned how to make my house babyproof. And now I have a sharp eye to notice every thing that could cause a problem. I leaned to look at things in the house the way my kids do and predict how things they encounter could be used. So now I prevent a lot of catastrophes by storing the most valuable things as higher as possible.

1. A mom failed to keep her make-up kit.
A mom fail to keep her make-up kit.

2.Parent who allow their daughter try their camera.
Parent who allow their daughter try their camera.

3. A parent who would surely explain this to a sales clerk.
A parent would surely explain this to a sales clerk.

4.A parent who’s toddler loves to paint.
A parent who's toddler loves to paint.

5.A parent who tried to take a nap.
A parent who tried to take a nap.

6.A parent who just bought a new couch.
A Parent Who Just Bought A New Couch

7.A parent who got his son’s hand on the Iphone.
A parent who got his son's hand on the Iphone.

8. A parent who got a deadline of work for today.
A parent who got a deadline for today.

9. A parent who boughr new drum set.
A parent who bought new drums.

The way a girl and a guy pray about their perfect partners says everything about the difference between two sexes. She comes to God with a list of items she wants to see in her boyfriend and tries to cover all possible life situations. His desire is only: big boobs. And this is how we see each other.

Men and women see the world totally different. For example, if a man tells he has bought a car, a woman would ask him what the colour of the car was. A man would ask what model it was. When men look at the car advertisement, they first read the car’s specification and only then look at the car itself. Women do everything the other way. They first estimate the car’s look and then decide whether to read the specification. Visual information is very important for woman. After one glance at you, she can describe how you looked in details. If you ask a man how was dressed a person he met a minute ago, he won’t answer, because he didn’t notice.

It’s interesting that if you are lost in town and ask the way a woman, she will direct you using the names of shops. The man would give directions via pubs. The way men and women communicate is totally different. Everyone knows that men are chary of words when it comes to phone talk. When they call, they pursue information only. When women talk by phone they pursue the contact. Many of them are notorious chatterers. Woman can spend the whole day with a friend and then come back home and continue conversation by phone for hours.

But what is interesting, despite women love talking, they don’t appreciate attention from strange man. The experiment when a man was walking around the supermarket and was saying “Hi” to every woman proved he got an incredibly lo rate of response – one percent or even less. When a woman saluted random men in the same place, almost every man answered on her greeting.

Bed Invasion









Children are very straightforward and sincere, because they don’t pretend and lie like some adults. And it is comforting. Moreover, their notes happen to be explosively hilarious. The messages they write are so fresh and unhackneyed, you can’t resist their rightness. And they know how to melt your heart and to make you do what they want from you.

The girl who had an argument with her father because of her hair is a great manipulator. In her note she assures she “will never forgive” her father and makes a hint that he doesn’t love her “enough,” because he wants to cut her hair. She even drew a broken heart and buckets of her tears to impress her daddy. When she grows up, she will understand that men aren’t so easily broken.

Kids see the world not the same way we do. They don’t understand why they have to apologize if they think they are right. The note “Sorry because of nothing” made me laugh with one eye and weep with the other. Kids are fatalists, because they see the life in black and white. This note proves it: “Thank you mom for making me food so I don’t die.” Kids are creatures who can easily combine such phrases like “I love you” and “I hate you” in one note.

Children hate waiting and need everything and immediately. If you take something from them, they begin to cry and say they will never have it again. It takes a lot of years for them to learn to understand the situation like it is. But before they lost their candour, we are happy to see their reaction to something. You wish you could write a note for your boss where you could cross one’s t’s so easily. But it’s not a big deal for the child who wrote “Your a good teacher but not my most favourite.”












The photos of childish fads aren’t the proof children know something about adult drinking. These photos are a proof that drunken adults behave like small children. Alcohol impacts heavily people’s bodies and makes them return to the age when they learned how to walk, talk and to aim at something.

Drunk movements look the same as childish. Children often misjudge their strength, distances, and capability. They can’t get the food to their mouths, spill drinks, get carried away in public places, and do shameful things without feeling ashamed. Children always seek something to drink and eat even if “enough” was half an hour ago. They also feel comfortable without clothes on.

Children usually have a poor coordination, that’s why such places like pools attract them awfully. Put something on your baby’s nose, and you’ll see that the way your child is trying to comprehend where this “something” is situated reminds the way one your drunken friends tries to figure out where he is. And yes, small children are bad models. When you try to take a photo of them, they often roll their eyes and make such faces you’ll probably quit this venture.

One thing totally proves that adults behave like children when they get drunk. Yes, children always readily puke the same as adults when they don’t like to have it inside. But children also have very tender relationship with the toilets. They are always spotted with their head in it. And to fall asleep on the water-closet lid isn’t a big deal for them.

By the way, about sleeping… When adults get drunk, they return to their childish sleeping patterns. If children feel they need to sleep, no place is uncomfortable. Small children often conk out suddenly. And if they flake out, it is uselessly even to try to wake them up. Kids can sleep even on the stairs! Doesn’t it remind you somebody?

1. They just can’t seem to get their food to their mouth.
Seriously, they just can’t seem to get their food to their mouths

2.They sleep on the toilet.
They sleep on the toilet.

3.They conduct themselves poorly in the public.
They conduct themselves poorly in public.

4.They don’t know when to stop drinking.
They don’t know when to stop drinking.

5. They are totally unable to predict when they’re about to pass out.

6.No sleeping position is uncomfortable.
No sleeping position is too uncomfortable.

7.They have no sense of shame.
They have no sense of shame

8. Even seen without the pants on.
They have no shame about being seen without pants on.

9. They puke when it is too much.

Photos taken a moment before an accident can be hilarious for everybody except those people we see on the photos. For photographer it was a perfect moment, for them – a moment of they knew something new about physics. “This gravity sucks,” they might think.

These photos give us a lot of information. For example, we know for sure now that guys are afraid of wasps; human face looks pretty calm before something runs into it; people just don’t know how to sit on the railing regardless of sex; dogs have a revolting mug while running.

Humans are crazily reckless people. They tempt their fate, their body, their insurance, the physics itself to prove that it wasn’t their day at all. I think millions of such accidents are happening all around the world in the very minute you read this, but not all people who get injured are lucky to have their own photographers. These lucky ones have hilarious photos of maybe the worst moments in their lives.

The history knows examples when a photo had been taken just a second before a real tragedy happened. For example, Jo Rugman, 37, an experienced horsewoman, was crushed by her horse after it had clipped the top of the fence and had fallen on her. The picture that had been taken a second before it happened shows us a perfectly focused horse and a confident rider who has no idea that the next moment would be the last in her life. We hope that all these people on the photos got off with only a scare.

I guess, everyone in his life at least once experienced a feeling when you fall, and the ground becomes closer and closer. This time lapse of falling lasts incredibly long. We can say our last (sometimes stupid) words, think of how it could happen… But some people manage even to show the camera a quick thumbs up!

1. Taken second before the wasp flew into the shot.
Taken one second before the wasp flew into the shot.

2. Taken second before the picture perfect moment.
Taken one second before the picture perfect moment.

3. Taken before their parents grounded them.

4.Taken once second before the ball had its perfect bounce.
Taken one second before this boy cry out of pain.

5. Taken one second before the snowball fight got real.
Taken one second before the snowball fight got real.

6. Taken one second before they uploaded their most liked vacation photo ever.
Taken one second before they uploaded their most liked vacation photo ever.

7. Taken one second before the greatest moment in his life.
Taken one second before the greatest moment in his life.

8. Taken one second before she realized that she’s too heavy for the swing.
Taken one second before she fell out of the swing.

9. Taken one second before he realized that BMX may not be for him.
Taken one second before he realized BMX may not be for him.